Elements Make the Design

The elements of nature and music are the foundation of this admirable Sanctuary home, which is an example of how thoughtful building a home in Steamboat can be.  The critical...


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In the current landscape, we are asking more of our homes than ever before.

Caring For Our Homes


Must Read:

Why TREE REMOVAL is Crucial For Fire Prevention

If our goal is to protect the beauty and longevity of our natural landscape, then how can tree removal be a solution? Don’t we want to protect our trees; not remove them?   The short answer is...

Build a Home for Low-Maintenance Living: Focus on the Exterior

With the higher elevation sun and windy, stormy winter weather in the mountains, the exterior of homes in the Yampa Valley can take a beating. Re-roofing, re-siding, re-caulking, re-painting and repairing damage from issues such...

Trees: Why We Should Love & Protect Them

Every spring, we in the Yampa Valley, experience a beautifully visual phenomenon that has tremendous non-visual benefits. After a long winter of dormancy, our aspens, scrub oak, cottonwoods and many other tree species put on...

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