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By: Deirdre Pepin Photography: David Patterson Steamboat Springs has always been known for its alpine weather and outdoor recreation, its cowboys and ranches, and its simplicity and ease. Somehow, the town...


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Remarkable homes and inspiring stories of building, remodeling, designing, decorating, and living in.


Shining a spotlight on the Yampa Valley and the community we share.


Education and make-your-own recipes to leave a smaller footprint on Mother Nature.

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In the current landscape, we are asking more of our homes than ever before.

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Must Read:

Water in the West

By: Sophie Dingle “In the West, when you touch water, you touch everything,” US Representative Wayne Aspinall once said. The famous remark of the politician who hailed from Colorado couldn’t be more true, both then and now. Deep...

Should I Buy or Sell? The Question on Any Homeowner’s Mind

With COVID came a massive shift in the way people work and live, and real estate has become a hot topic. Some folks believe the market is overpriced while others see opportunity.  As a realtor,...

Window Professionals: Why You Shouldn’t Build Without One

If you’re building a home, you know that you already have a lot of contractors, so why would you bring in another just for your windows?  It’s quite simple: your windows will be your view...

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