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New home builds often have the reputation of coming in over budget and past deadline. We can thank our favorite reality tv shows for painting a picture of builds rife with delays and frustrations. But what if that didn’t have to be the reality? How can you build a new home that not only finishes on time and on budget, but exceeds the homeowners’ expectations? With a combination of solid planning, teamwork, and efficient materials and processes, local builder Brian Beck and his team recently accomplished just that for a local family.

When BC and Emily Iversen decided to build their family home, they knew they wanted a crew that had a long history in the valley, understood their goals and came highly recommended — they found all three in Beck Construction who had recently built their parents’ home. Brian Beck has been building homes in the Yampa Valley for over 20 years, so he knows a few things about how to translate a client’s wish list into their dream home. With one small child and potentially more in the future, it was important to the Iversens to create a home that requires little maintenance and can adapt to their young family’s needs. The family chose a lot in Fairview, a neighborhood known for its casual, local vibe and eclectic homes. Zoned for a duplex, the lot was a perfect fit for their plans to create their forever home.

When the crew broke ground in June of 2017, they had four goals in mind: energy efficiency, low maintenance, finishing on schedule and coming in on budget. Achieving these goals would require a highly organized team that communicates well, trusts each other and is focused as much on quality as they are the deadline. Architect Joe Patrick Robbins took on the challenge by sketching the plans in just a few days. From there, the momentum continued with each member of the local teams. From design to landscaping, each team utilized tools and knowledge that not only kept the process moving but created a better product in the end.

From the outside in, the home was designed to keep the homeowners focused on their home life rather than the maintenance. First, the stucco exterior, a hard coat stucco with over one and a half inches of insulation, is designed to provide low to no maintenance for 25-30 years. When it came to insulation, the builder went beyond industry standards to create a home that works to regulate the interior temperature, using R20 under-slab, R36 in the walls and R62 in the roof. Beck notes that “the roof also has a three inch cold roof that will keep their home cooler in the summer and free of ice dams in the winter,”  resulting in a heating bill that’s a fraction of the cost of their old space. Plus, the cold roof will extend the life of the shingles.  The deck is Trex composite decking with powder coated aluminum railing. Everything on the exterior of the home works together to create an efficient space with little upkeep.

Inside the home, smart design creates an interior space that seems much larger than its 2400 square feet. Tall ceilings give loft to the space, while neutral tones and an open concept help elongate it. Lynne Bier and Paige Hayes with Home on the Range Interiors brought the Iversen’s vision to life. “In all of the projects we do we work very hard to achieve consistency and flow throughout the home so that there isn’t a sudden change in style and nothing feels out of place,” states Hayes.  The interior of the home reflects the smooth, clean lines of the exterior. Common elements like interior steel panels on the staircase and metal strapping and frames on the furniture echo outside finishes, creating a cohesive feel from inside out.

 When it came to materials selection, the designers considered every detail to align with the goal of low maintenance, comfortable living. The home features oak floors that age beautifully even with little feet and big paws providing plenty of wear and tear. Roman shades help regulate the interior temperature. The Iversen’s love of the color green inspired the fabric selection throughout the house. Everything works together while still giving each space its own identity and feel.

Considering their future needs was another way the Iversens looked to save time and money in the long run. To help the family move into the future, the designers created an office space that, with one quick furniture change, can go from office to nursery. Now with another baby on the way, the storage piece can easily be converted to a changing table and baskets added to the bookcase for additional storage.

Custom cabinetry makes excellent use of the space — every pantry, cabinet and shelf was thoughtfully designed with space-saving features. The cabinet designers at CBNT Co also created custom floating shelves that not only create display space but also saves floor space and gives visual height. Custom cubbies and cabinets in the home’s lower level provide ample mud room space for the ubiquitous coats, snow boots and toys found in most Steamboat homes. A neatly tucked away laundry room blends seamlessly into the space.

To give the homeowners a clear idea of their future home’s interior, the designers utilized SketchUp 3D modeling, allowing the client to visualize the space before it’s even built. This type of technology gives such a clear image, it virtually eliminates changes. “Having a visual of exactly how something will look then being able to make quick changes, come up with options and send them out to the team (including the clients) makes a big difference in how quickly and effectively potential issues are solved,” notes Hayes. The fireplace, a focal point in the house, was a perfect use of the technology. The homeowners could easily envision the entire space coming to life around the accuracy of the 3D model.

BC brought his own personal expertise to the project. A network technician and control system programmer for Cloud 9 Integrated Systems, he wanted to bring the most up to date technology to their new home. Creating a smart home that saves time and energy serves a dual purpose: not only does it provide ultimate control and convenience, it also helps BC stay on top of industry trends and allows him to hone his skills in his own home. “We control the whole A/V system with Crestron,” notes BC. “Crestron gives me the ability to make custom control user interfaces on mobile devices like an iPad or iPhone. This way we can control the home via one app on our phone or iPad, much like the old Universal Remote. All of my controls are in one place.” 

In April of 2018, the Iversen’s moved into their new home. The entire building process, from breaking ground to move in, took less than 10 months. “Not only is the house energy efficient, the building process was efficient as well,” states Beck. Beck works with the same team of locally-owned sub-contractors on every project, a practice which helps save time and money. Each team knows what to expect and works seamlessly together. The crew also helped eliminate waste at the site, recycling all eligible cardboard, plastic, metal and glass and making good use of the site’s proximity to Aces High. One of Beck’s crew even utilized natural wood cut offs to heat his home.

Through a combination of smart planning, local resources and hard work, the teams were able to accomplish their goals and get the Iversens in their new home ahead of schedule. The end result is a smart, functional and beautiful home that will serve the family well for many years to come.

  • Beck Construction – General Contractor
  • CBNT Co – Cabinets, Custom Shelves, & Appliances
  • Cloud 9 Integrated Systems – Smart Home Technology
  • Grasso Glass & Stone – Countertops
  • Home on the Range Interiors – Interior Design
  • Light Center Inc (Tricia Haun)- Lighting
  • Pour Boys Concrete – Concrete Work
  • Joe Patrick Robbins – Architect 

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