Styles and trends evolve over time and nowhere is this more apparent than with home design and decor. Here in the Yampa Valley, we’ve seen the concept of “bold” come into play in recent years as homeowners look to add bold accents, features and additions to their homes.

Going bold in the mountains is different than going bold in the city.

While mountain home design used to be that cabin feel with perfectly symmetrical angled roof lines, nature-inspired prints and maybe an antler chandelier or two, today, mountain town bold has become much different. From straight lines, flat roof tops, asymmetrical appeal, bright colors, floor to ceiling windows, subtle stone detail and daring accents, going bold in a mountain town has truly become much bolder.

See how local builders and designers have made a bold splash in the Yampa Valley.

Builder: Soda Mountain Construction
Design: Soda Mountain Construction
Photography: David Patterson Photography

Soda Mountain Indoor Pool
Photograph by: @davidpatterson (IG) ; Design & Construction by: #sodamountainconstruction

What is more bold than this scene inside your home? An above ground custom-built pool/spa with floor to ceiling glass with views of the ski area creates an obvious connection to the outdoors and takes this magnificent home to the next level.

Soda Mountain Staircase
Photograph by: @davidpatterson (IG) ; Design & Construction by: #sodamountainconstruction

Bold accents of natural light, an awe-inspiring hanging light fixture, and an artistic large custom front door create a grand foyer that displays a pure sense of entry.

Soda Mountain Fireplace
Photograph by: @davidpatterson (IG) ; Design & Construction by: #sodamountainconstruction

Acting as an anchor, this linear fireplace that creates division from the living room and dining room. The 40-foot-long curtain wall of lift and slide glass panels opens to an outdoor terrace creating indoor/outdoor living space. Going bold with the detail of a walnut ceiling, breathtaking views, and a modern fire feature creates an iconic vaulted space. Horizontal and vertical volume perfected.

Architect: KSA Architects
Builder: Shively Construction
Photography: Dan Tullos (Mountain Home Photography)

Home Exterior
Photograph by: @mtmhomephoto (IG) ; Design by: @kellyandstonearch (IG) ; Construction by: @shivelyconstructioninc

With the sounds of fish creek running alongside, accompanying views of the ski area, and with little distinction between the indoors and outdoors when the home is open, this home exemplifies how boldness and tranquility can unite.

Dueling outdoor fire features, a spiral staircase, variated roof lines, large windows and doors to the exterior, and massive boulders to create a natural landscape, and put this home in a class of its own in Barn Village.

Shively Construction Interior
Photograph by: @mtmhomephoto (IG) ; Design by: @kellyandstonearch (IG) ; Construction by: @shivelyconstructioninc

Where kitchen, dining, and living space unite.

A pocketed window wall system in the great room and the Bi-Part door in the dining room connect the exterior space to the interior space.  The keyed beam in the kitchen supporting two timber trusses in the great room  — (2)8×14 Douglas fir timbers that are stacked and keyed together with oak shear blocks allows the beams to work together and creates a beautiful decorative and structural beam in lieu of steel. Accents of waxed blackened hot rolled steel makes for a bold interior feature.


Builder: JSM Builders
Architect: Vertical Arts
Photography: David Patterson Photography

JSM interior windows
Photograph by: @davidpatterson (IG) ; Design by: @verticalartsarchitecture (IG); Construction by: @jsmbuilders (IG)

A vaulted open living space with floor to ceiling glass captures ski area views. Adding large wood beam accents with big game décor the space makes a statement.  All of these elements work together to create both openness and structure – creating a cozy, pristine living area.

JSM Interior Bathroom
Photograph by: @davidpatterson (IG) ; Design by: @verticalartsarchitecture (IG); Construction by: @jsmbuilders (IG)

Modern bathroom design highlighting full stone and tile walls make the perfect space to enjoy a soak in the freestanding bathtub.

Architect: Steamboat Architectural Associates
Interior Design: Rumor Designs
Photography: David Patterson Photography

Spa Interior
Photograph by: @davidpatterson (IG) ;Interior Design by: @rumordesigns (IG); Architecture by: @SteamboatArchitecturalAssociates (FB)

This serene space was a small nook carved out of an expansive home to create a thoughtful spot to relax and regroup.  It was created with a Japanese influence inspired by natural elements.  The bamboo flooring is complemented by the grasscloth wallpaper on the ceiling and the grassy filled panels on the back wall.  The striking acrylic panels by 3Form are stationary and the addition of back lighting gives a sense that the shoji-like doors can open and the room will keep going.  The shoji door look on the wall treatment mimics the shoji screen barn doors at the entrance which were made locally with real rice paper panels.  The barrel ceiling and soft up  lighting pus natural materials removes hard edges and allows positive vibrations to activate.  We love the detail and care given to this eye-catching, intimate space.

SAA Bathroom
Photograph by: @davidpatterson (IG) ; Interior Design by: @rumordesigns (IG); Architecture by: @SteamboatArchitecturalAssociates (FB)

This primary bath is a classic retreat.  The best way to design a modern home with traditional appeal is often through contemporary lighting and soft transitional shapes.  The freestanding slipper tub is complimented by the subtle twisted shape of the Brizo tub filler.  The curbless shower entry allows the soft travertine floors to flow uninterrupted into the bath area creating a more open feel.  The coffered ceiling is an outstanding feature and defines the area in front of the vanities with a soft uplit glow.  The crystal chandelier reflects and sparkles with timeless elegance while crystal sconces on the mirrors compliment the chandelier.

Window/Folding Walls: Zola Windows
Builder: JSM Builders
Architect: Vertical Arts
Photo: David Patterson Photography

BreezePanel™ Folding Walls in All Aluminum
BreezePanel™ Folding Walls in All Aluminum. Photograph by: @davidpatterson (IG) ; Design by: @verticalartsarchitecture (IG); Construction by: @jsmbuilders (IG) ; Window/Folding Walls by: @zolawindows (IG)

Farmhouse aesthetics meet sleek all Aluminum doors and windows with stunning and practical results. The All Aluminum BreezePanel can open fully to seamlessly integrate the outdoor deck with the indoor living area.  Whether viewing Winter Carnival fireworks behind cozy glass in the Winter or experiencing the Fourth of July show through the room-width opening in the Summer, this home is a bold and beautiful example of design that provides both form and function.

Windows/Doors: Zola Windows
Photo: Tim Murphy

Photograph by: Tim Murphy; Windows/Folding Walls by: @zolawindows (IG)

Placing a bathtub next to a massive floor-to-ceiling window in Steamboat certainly seems bold.  Especially if you plan to take a bath during the Winter’s double-digit negative temperatures. However, the large ZNC™ windows’ triple glazing and extra insulation have potential bathers covered.  Overall window performance results in R-10, making Passive House performance possible for the generously-glazed home. In fact, the energy of just 2 or 3 hair dryers can heat the 4,500 square foot home, even on a frigid, minus 30 degree night. This physical warmth of the home is accentuated by the visual warmth of the windows’ interior wood frames, showing how Zola’s clad wood windows can help make modern design cozy.



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