Comfort and Cozy Go Hand-in-Hand



Crawling into a soft, warm bed at the end of a long day brings comfort, rest and a cozy night’s sleep.  Creating that nest of dreaminess is often overlooked but should be considered necessary for any home.  The bed could be the most personalized piece of furniture and decor you’ll ever own, because there are limitless choices for every detail – and only you can define ‘comfort’ for yourself.  And taking the time to get it right could be the difference between sweet dreams and restless nights. 

Here are a few tips for turning up the notch on comfort for your bed.

Foundation.  Possibly the most overlooked feature of your bed, and the one that can create the biggest difference.  Bases are no longer just ‘frames’ anymore; the latest bells and whistles can be game changers.  Automatic, spring-loaded, vibrations … you name it, it’s available. 

Mattress.  Oh, what a good mattress can do for your body!  Depending on your own situation – body needs, bed partners, temperature preferences – you can find a mattress that feels like a cloud (for everyone!).  Comfort zones, pillow top, firm, heated … what makes you drift off to sleep?

Pillows.  Giving your head the perfect landing place will keep you sleeping like a baby.  There are many considerations for the perfect pillow – sleeping position, temperature preferences, allergies – finding the perfect one could be the difference between a good night and a blissful night.

Sheets.  When you sleep, you’re surrounded by the feel of your sheets, so they should be exactly what your skin loves.  Thread count and material are key factors to consider, so learn more about both, and you can find a sheet set that makes your skin sing. 

Bedding.  The cherry on the top of your bed.  The focal point of your bedroom.  Tie your bedding into the overall room decor for a thoughtful ambience.  But don’t forget to make it comfortable too!

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