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From neighborhood favorites to insider info, the best communities for staying connected.

This is the power of gathering: it inspires us, delightfully, to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful: in a word, more alive.

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The essence of community can shine brightest on the darkest days. Nowhere is that more true than here in Steamboat.

This past year, the Steamboat community has come together by staying apart.  We’ve had to skip our favorite festivities, hold off on holiday events and make changes to our daily routines. We now continue to hibernate through this winter out of care and civic duty. We hunker down with loved ones, remaining humble and hopeful as we cloak ourselves in the warmth and comfort of knowing that we live in a community that will bloom like wildflowers once hibernation is over.

And as certain as the snowmelt, that time will come. In anticipation, let’s take a look at some of our favorite Routt County communities and the unique ways that they come together. Sharing fun and traditions like families, these neighborhoods each have special ways of coming together.


Best time of year to gather: Summer – there is nothing better than summer in Stagecoach! Being on the lake is amazing and always feels like a vacation. There are really cool hiking trails, boating, swimming, fishing…our first summer in Stagecoach FAR exceeded our expectations.

A must-have for any gathering: A Yeti filled with a drink of your choice and kids on bikes. We have been known to go for neighborhood happy hour walks, where we all meet up and let the kids run or bike while the adults stroll and have a drink together.

Favorite gathering spot: The beach. While it can get crowded on the weekends, we always go during the week and usually find one of our neighbors to hang with. It’s great for kids and adults alike – perfect for swimming, playing in the sand, paddleboarding and just hanging out.

-Sophie Dingle

Stagecoach beach is a favorite for families.


Best holiday or event gathering?

Hayden Days where the entire town gets together in the summer for a parade, local vendor booths, bounce houses, events and community concerts.

A must-have for any gathering in your community?

A fun attitude. The barista at the coffee shop said, “If you’re fun, you can come,” and I think this is the exact mindset of Hayden.

You know you live in the Hayden when…?

Someone gets your Amazon package delivered to their house and instead of taking it back to the post office, they bring it to you in the evening when they know you’re home from work.

-Heidi Mendisco

The Granary is a beloved gathering place.


What makes Fairview people so community-driven?

There is a legacy of humor and play in Fairview. For example, we designate a “mayor” by bequesting  them a golden plunger; we like entering parades as “the Fairview Nation” and we have a Fairview Fiesta every year, complete with a band and a “state of the nation” address.

You know you live in the Fairview when…?

Your yard does not look like the cover of mountain living and you know what the golden plunger symbolizes.

Favorite gathering spot?

Wherever we happen to be! But, probably on Emerald Mountain meeting each other by chance on dog walks or skis or bike rides.

-Megan Moore

Fairview neighbors always find each other in their backyard of Emerald Mountain.

Silver Spur

Best holiday or event gathering?

Halloween is always a fun night in Silver Spur. Pretty much every house participates and many of the families have BBQs and fires going in the driveways.

Favorite gathering spot?

The community field, playground and the foot/nordic path are always social.

You know you live in the Silver Spur when…?

You haven’t seen your kid(s) for hours and you haven’t even begun to worry about where they are.

-Courtney & Jenny Wiedel

Neighbors enjoy the foot/nordic track right in their backyard.

Ranching Community

Best time of year to gather?

Anytime but July is generally good because “you have to make hay when the sun shines” and that month is packed.

What makes the ranching people so community-driven?

I think the drive comes from history.  Ranching is deeply embedded in the history of the west and there is no such thing as a rancher that can do it all alone. Every rancher at some point needs help from another rancher.

You know you live in the Steamboat ranching community when…?

You see tractors driving down 131 going to the next field to cut, or when the driver in the truck passing the opposite way waves simply because I am wearing a cowboy hat.

-Leigh & Yancey Rushton

There is always work to be done on a ranch.

North Routt

What makes North Routt people so community-driven?

When you live in a remote area like North Routt, the phrase “it takes a village” has a very tangible meaning. From plowing a driveway, towing someone out of a ditch, or running to town for milk or gas, North Routt is the most generous and compassionate community I’ve ever known. It’s more like family.

You know you live in the North Routt when…?

You’ve slid off an icy road at least once or you’ve pulled someone back onto the road at least once. Or you wear muck boots almost year-round as a staple of your wardrobe.

Best holiday or event gathering?

Cabins at Historic Columbine hosts a community Christmas event that is a lot of fun. We sing carols, decorate the giant tree, visit Santa and enjoy having our families connect.

-Vie Rhodes

Families love to gather at the Clark Store for ice cream in the summer.

Blair lives in Steamboat with her husband and three (soon to be four!) children. When not writing or spending time with her family, you can find her running or skiing on the trails of Steamboat.

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