By: Robin Campbell Designs . . Owner . Interior Designer . Design Consulting


Using large scale bold patterns in fabrics can be an easy and affordable way to add a striking look to your space. This can be incorporated in either pillows, an accent chair, or a couple ottomans. My favorite: take an old upholstered piece of furniture, perhaps handed down from a family member and add a bold modern pattern or color. Mixing old and new will add a feeling of fun and intrigue that no one else has.


Wallpaper has come a long way! It has the potential to add a bold impact and transform your room from just a room to a piece of art. With so many to choose from nowadays, I like to go with something that is unique and has a great pattern or mix of colors to make a statement. This is not to be used for every room, just the rooms that you really want to make an impression.


Experiment with textures and unusual materials. Stepping out of the box of common interior materials is bold no matter how you look at it. For example, barnwood walls became a huge accent item in mountain interiors, but we can go even further with this and use materials like metal, tile, stone, or even wire mesh to add interest and creativity. Utilizing uncommon materials like corrugated metal for your staircase wall has adventure written all over it. Getting creative with uncommon materials is bold and often becomes beautiful in a new way.


Add some color. It’s easy to do with paint which comes in every color imaginable. This can make an instant statement – just be careful not to go overboard. Sometimes, just a touch of color to accent a focal point is all you need. I recommend places like powder rooms, bedroom headboard walls, or accenting a niche. It’s the perfect way to go about being bold in a subtle way.


Use art. If painting walls is not your thing and you still want to keep it simple, but need an element of bold, art will be the winning ticket for you. In recent mountain modern design, we tend to focus on natural textures and calming white walls to highlight the finishes, but one bold piece of art or pottery, whether it is brightly colored or black and white can bring impact to your room instantly and quickly.


Try contrasting colors. Using opposite colors on the color wheel is where bold began. Contrasting colors is a fundamental element in design that has been used for centuries to create striking interiors. Contrasting colors like orange and blue, red and green, or yellow and purple can make an immediate statement, but be careful…you don’t want to make your home look like Santa’s closet! Carefully using different contrasting hues, like poinsettia red pillows on an evergreen sofa makes for a fearless designer combination.


Lighting is 70% of your interior design, and people notice your light fixtures almost as much as your furniture or wall color. This is an easy way to transform any space. Add a bold light fixture  such as a pendant in your foyer or a chandelier over your dining table.  Or try a few new pendants in your kitchen. Even one small item makes a world of difference. An oversized architectural standing lamp in the corner will make that corner go from drab to fab!


Unique, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces can make a bold impression when highlighted in the right place. Entryways, powder rooms, living rooms and bedrooms are all areas that often deserve a unique piece to make a big impact. Items like console tables, coffee tables, headboards, dining tables, and hall chests will be your best bet. Find a place where that stunning piece of furniture can stand alone and it will make anyone stop and think, WOW!



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