In a recent project at Marabou Ranch, the Rumor team took a design-driven approach to space planning, creating an experience within each furniture arrangement. Lead designer and partner at Rumor Design + reDesign, Valerie Stafford, shares four design tips that might surprise you.  

Design Tip #1:

Use an appropriate sized area rug, positioned partially underneath the furniture to create a defined space that isn’t anchored by the rug alone.

Design Tip #2:

Instead of the expected coffee table, try an ottoman with a sofa tray table for a cozier feel with function.

Design Tip #3:

Select statement lighting using larger fixtures to bring the ceilings and focal point to the center of the room, which detracts from a cavernous feel.

Design Tip #4:

A chair-and-a-half with a modern silhouette, color and textured upholstery will fill the space without feeling bulky and too traditional. A singular accent lumbar pillow compliments these furniture pieces by keeping the overall look and feel minimalist, even in a grand setting.

Photography by David Patterson | Rumor Design Project: Marabou Ranch

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