New Trends in Outdoor Living



As spring melts away the winter and the days turn warmer and longer, we all want to be outside more. Outdoor living spaces are gaining momentum each year as homeowners look for ways to extend the indoors out. Designers, homebuilders and owners are giving more consideration to how the indoor space flows to the outdoors. Here are a few new ways to make your outdoor space just as livable and functional as any room in the house.

Choose Versatile Furniture Pieces

While it would be lovely to have a patio large enough to hold a dining room set as well as a lounge set, often times homeowners have to make a choice as to what will fit properly. Luckily there are several new, inventive options in patio dining and lounge. For example, the latest convertible trend is a coffee table that literally rises to the occasion to become a dining room table. Or, choose an extension table that can change from 4 person capacity to 8 or even 12 at the flip of a board.

Use Architectural Design to your Advantage

It’s not just about the furniture – interesting angels and structural patterning add depth and uniqueness to a space. Choose pillows or rugs with a pattern, quirky light fixtures or colorful umbrellas – these items will bring interest and presence to the patio, whether it be subtle or bold.

Make it Green

Not with plants (although that’s great too!) but with recycled plastic. Many manufacturers, such as Polywood, are focusing on eco-friendly pieces. Their designs have gone beyond the classic Adirondack chair to include comfortable deep seating, dining and firepits. The best part? The material is low maintenance and suited towards any climate.

Turn up the Heat

As many counties have banned open burning and log firepits, homeowners are turning to gas. If you don’t have the capacity for a built-in gas firepit, or if you want more versatility to be able to adjust or take your investment with you to your next home, try a freestanding option. Most of these can be used with propane or converted to natural gas. Did someone say s’mores?

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