Pool Fence Ideas – How to Enhance Backyard

When you buy a beautiful pool, you probably wonder, “So, what kind of fence should I choose?” What are some of the best pool fence ideas that will enhance my backyard?

You are not alone. It’s natural to think about the fence when a pool is there. But backyard landscaping ideas can be of different types.

Some are beautiful. Some are expensive. Some are more budget conscious. Almost every type of pool fence imaginable has advantages and disadvantages. This is why we decided to write this article and look closely at the various fencing options available to you as a pool owner.

We cover costs, styles, maintenance and other opportunities for all fences.

Here are our options to steal your backyard heart.

12 Pool Fence Ideas that will steal your heart

1. Painted Wood Fence

painted wood fence

If you are into painted fences choose a more traditional style like the ubiquitous white picket fence to have secure pool parties. Alternatively, you can pick colors to fit the scheme of your home or garden.

Home Advisors say most wood pool fences range from $8 to $100 per straight foot, depending on the type. These fences require some maintenance to ensure cleanliness and vibrancy.

2. Raw Wood Fence

The rustic charm of a beautiful raw wood fence is second to none. Raw wood comes in many forms. It can be raw because it has not been painted or treated, or it can simply be a tree cutting with the bark still attached.

Remember, wooden fences are lovely, but they are prone to splitting and cracking. Even untreated wood can change color over time.

3. Glass Pool Fence

Glass Pool Fence

Pool fence styles should be trending. Glass pool fences are trending and for good reason. Most are created of glass railings incorporated with metal posts to support the structure. The major advantage of a glass fence is that it looks amazing and has an open view of the pool.

Glass pool fences, on the other hand, are expensive to install ($90 to $200 per foot) and difficult to maintain. It may not require much structural maintenance, but if you want to keep it crystal clear, you can expect to spend much time cleaning it.

4. Lattice Wood Fence

The lattice fence (diagonal cross) provides a rustic, cozy, traditional look. This type of wood fence also lets in a lot of natural light, but remember that it may not meet the pool fence requirements in certain areas. However this pool patio ideas is worth considering.

Lattice fence prices typically range from $4 to $30 per foot.

5. Vinyl Pool Fence

Vinyl Pool Fence

Vinyl pool fences are a popular option, and it’s easy to see why. First, the price is affordable, especially compared to other pool fences. Second, it has a wide range of styles that go well with your luxury living room.

Expect vinyl fencing to cost about $20 to $40 per foot (plus labor).

Caution: Avoid plastic fences in an area with frequent high winds. Many vinyl fence designs need to leave more space between panels, which can make them more susceptible to wind damage.

6. Bamboo Pool Fence

Backyard staycation ideas should compliment your home. The popularity of bamboo pool fences has increased significantly in recent years. Bamboo fences are one of the more affordable options (ranging from $15 to $25 per foot) and are a win-win in terms of cost and style for many people. These fences are strong, stable and termite resistant.

A bamboo can be a beautiful, durable fence that can add much character to your outdoor space, especially if you choose a tropical theme. Bamboo is also a good choice for maximum privacy in your pool or garden.

Warning: If you live in a wildfire-prone area, using bamboo may be a bad idea – especially if you intend to use it as a fence around your property. It ignites quickly and can make your home more dangerous in a fire.

7. Mesh Pool Fence

mesh pool fence

No one would argue that a mesh pool fence is the most attractive option. It has neither the characteristics of bamboo nor the wow factor of glass. However, it offers maximum visibility and security at a relatively low cost. It’s one of the best pool fence ideas.

This is also one of the more versatile options, as many chain link fences come in individual panels that can be rearranged according to your security needs.

Installing a fence like this around a pool can cost around $1,500, but the price ultimately depends on the manufacturer.

8. Metal Pool Fence Ideas

If you are interested in a metal pool fence, consider one of three main types: iron, aluminum tubing, or steel tubing. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also very attractive and provides a permanent security barrier.

However, maintenance should always be followed, especially when preventing rust. If privacy is important to you, we recommend skipping this option.

Rough cost estimates vary from $30 to $300 per foot for wrought iron fences, $12 to $30 per foot for tubular aluminum fences, and $7 to $10 for tubular steel fences.

9. Pool Fence Ideas for Privacy

Here are some ideas for pool fence ideas for privacy.
Stone Wall

Stone walls can greatly enhance the space around your pool while providing complete privacy. It also complements other natural elements, such as plants and trees, making a great backdrop for pool fountains and waterfalls.

The only difficulty is keeping it clean. Rough and porous surfaces require extra work to keep dust and dirt out.

Expect to pay between $9 and $30 per square foot depending on the type of stone veneer, natural stone, or other type purchased.

10. Brick Wall

Brick wall

If you don’t like stone walls, you should consider brick walls. Again, solid brick walls add privacy to your pool area and can be easily incorporated into your home decor.

For example, if your house has a beautiful red brick finish, you can put that wall around the pool to keep the space organized. You can also paint the stone to add variation.

Depending on the brick type, brick walls cost between $10 and $30 per square foot. Remember that bricks look great, but your options regarding colours and styles are limited. When the mortar starts to wear out, it needs to be repaired.

11. Concrete Walls

Solid concrete walls around the pool provide privacy and should last a lifetime. Many concrete walls are left empty, but this is optional. You can paint, tile, or even cover it with a mosaic.

If there are too many walls, you can break them down by incorporating metal fences and railings.

Concrete block walls are inexpensive at $6 to $8 per square foot, but you should also leave room in your budget for paint, tile, and whatever else you use.

12. The Bottom Line

Who said there was only one type of fence around your pool? Feel free to mix and match to acquire exactly what you want.

For example, if a glass fence is too expensive, you can enclose the pool on the side facing the house with a glass fence to allow visibility and use a different type of fence for the rest. You can also add an accent or privacy wall to one or more sides or plant a low hedge in front of the fence.

Remember, it is your home, so you can decorate it however you like. We hope these pool fence ideas help you out in making your backyard a fun place.

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