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Brooke Salazar

What’s the difference between a house and a home? It’s a similar question to ‘what’s the difference between an acquaintance and a friend?’ It’s the subtle difference of connection. Although a house can be beautiful, even majestic, it’s difficult to connect to a house. A home, on the other hand, conjures up emotions and makes you want to stay awhile. Homes can bring comfort, vitality, energy, even inspiration. They can be a welcoming hug after a long day. Or they can be an expression of modernism and contemporary vibes.

The foundation, structure and layout of a house are incredibly important to the longevity and functionality – they create beautiful houses. These necessities could ensure your house withstands the test of time and allows you a sense of security where you lay your head at night.

But how do you take your beautiful house and make it a home? You infuse personality … you give it a soul.

Décor is no longer just a “nice-to-have” in the landscape of home building. –it’s perhaps the most critical ingredient to turning you house into a home, because it makes it yours. Your home is a reflection of yourself, your personality and your lifestyle. Your décor puts a little bit of yourself on display for everyone that walks through your door to see.

Parts of this process begin when you choose finishing touches to the building process – flooring, countertops, lighting, etc. At that point, you’re already setting the tone for your overall look and feel. None of those elements are easily changed, so you have to be thoughtful in your selection. You might choose based on industry or regional trends (mountain, modern, rustic, traditional), budgetary constraints, or availability. Olivia Kimmeth, of Olivia’s Home Furnishings, says the Steamboat Modern Trend is “modern tile, steel accents, added to our wood floors, beams and walls”. These choices set the stage for a beautiful house. They give you a pallet to work with. And then it is time to create a connection.

Creating connection is an intentional process of evoking emotion. But you can’t do that without first knowing which emotion you want to experience. How do you want your home to feel when you live in it every day? Does each room have a different purpose? Brainstorm how you want to feel walking from room to room. How do you want your guests to feel? Allow yourself to dream a bit.

Perhaps, to you, your home is your safe place; it requires the utmost comfort and allows you to refuel. Perhaps, to you, your home is your inspiration; it gives you energy and creativity. Perhaps, to you, your home is a place for your children to roam free. Your home is just that – it’s yours. And only you know how you want to feel in your home.

Whatever that feeling is, make it yours. Seek out art and décor that bring that feeling to life – these are the embellishments on your home palette. They infuse personality and connection so it becomes a truly personal process. Sandi Poltorak at Pine Moon Fine Art Gallery says it perfectly: “Beautiful interiors become meaningful when the walls are adorned with art that is significant to the homeowner”, so choosing your art and décor is a journey of choices that best reflect yourself.

In particular, choosing art can be a challenging task because it is so personal, to both you and the artist. Perhaps through meeting the artist and learning more from each other, you can find art that really speaks to you and creates the emotion you’re craving. Investing in a local artist not only gives you that relationship, but it also supports the community.

“Art can be one of the most personal elements you infuse into a well-designed space,” so you might want to take your art choices

Shirley Stocks with Wild Horse Gallery

One step further by commissioning art. Welcoming an artist into your home to really know your personality and your desires could result in an irreplaceable piece of art that you’ll treasure forever.

There are also places for décor that won’t break the bank. In fact, a blend of affordable and priceless pieces is often the best mix for a home. It allows the décor to complement and not compete. If art is what you love, prioritize that investment. Then you could choose rugs, pillows, or plants from more affordable places to lessen the impact on your budget. There is no set recipe for creating your own living space that feels exactly how you want it to feel. Of course, there are style tips and faux paus, but at the end of the day, your home is YOUR HOME. It’s for you to love and enjoy – so feel free to take the reins and enjoy the ride!

Have fun with the process, and when it’s not fun, find support. There are so many fantastic designers in Steamboat that specialize in helping bring a homeowner’s vision to life. The best part about art and décor is that it’s not permanent, and it never has to be “complete”. Your tastes and lifestyle will evolve over time … so, for now, enjoy what you want in your home today.

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