Soak it Up This Winter



Soaking in a hot spa on a cold, snowy winter night is the epitome of mountain living.  We all long for that warm relaxation, gazing up at the stars.  Most of us know that there are proven health benefits to spas, but now those benefits are even bigger. 

New Saltwater Spas make the hot tub magic even dreamier.  Here are 4 reasons why we’re falling in love with the new Saltwater Spas. 

More Natural – with this new technology, salt is converted to chlorine and other sanitizers. So, with fewer chemicals added, the water feels more natural – and you won’t have itchy eyes or dry skin. 

Less Chemical Scent – let’s be honest, the smell of chlorine isn’t exactly relaxing.  Now you can enjoy the fresh mountain air while you’re soaking those post-ski-day muscles.

Less Maintenance – the maintenance cycle for these spas is far less intensive, so you can spend more time enjoying your spa and less time cleaning it.

Earth Friendlier – with fewer chemical additives, you can reduce your spa drain and refills to once a year – conserving more water for Mother Earth.

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