If our goal is to protect the beauty and longevity of our natural landscape, then how can tree removal be a solution? Don’t we want to protect our trees; not remove them?  

The short answer is yes…to both questions. Select tree removal is a necessary form of fire prevention and here’s why: 

Tree removal creates a defensible space for fire mitigation purposes.

It’s a protection strategy to minimize the spread of a potential fire. Tree removal of two kinds is necessary:

  1. Dead Trees: removing standing dead trees can prevent ground fuel from building up & also prevent canopy fire by minimizing the presence of combustible material that falls off trees (leaves, needles, fallen branches).  
  2. Select live trees: strategic removal of live trees can protect the larger tree area by breaking up fire continuity in the canopy spacing. Without any spacing in the canopy, a fire has no barrier to stop.  

While we’re all acutely aware of the danger of forest fires, we also need to be wise to the risks in our residential areas.

In fact, most insurance contracts and HOAs have requirements for defensible space around your house.  Tree care (including necessary removals) should be a standard component to your home maintenance. 

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