If you’re building a home, you know that you already have a lot of contractors, so why would you bring in another just for your windows?  It’s quite simple: your windows will be your view to the outdoors that you love, and they just might be the best part of your home.  If you haven’t included this as part of your building process, here’s a little info to consider.  

What role does a window professional play in the process of building a home?

A well-trained window professional is much like your architect, your builder, or your interior designer – often involved from the very beginning all the way through to the very end of the project and beyond. They will often help refine the window and door package, bringing ideas to the table, offering solutions to problems, and making the process more enjoyable. There are a lot of diverse window and door product options available today, and your window professional can help you sift through all the performance, design and sustainability options.

photo of house exterior
The windows offer a grand welcome to this home.

How does a window professional interact with my design team?  

A window professional should participate with the architect to help refine the design of the window package and offer details, advice and assistance in choosing the right window and door manufacturer(s). 

photo of home side
Windows make a statement from every angle.

How can a window professional help me maximize my indoor-outdoor space?

Maximizing your indoor-outdoor space is largely due to pre-planning and working through the details of what’s available, then incorporating those ideas into your plans. A window professional can help you understand your options, pick the right manufacturer(s), and design an opening wall system to meet your needs. These types of systems are often the ones you will touch and feel the most, so they should work flawlessly and be installed by a skilled and trained technician.

photo of home with windows
This home boasts windows on every side for incredible views.

What does it cost to involve a window professional?

Often their services are free of charge. They’re compensated through the purchase of the product, so they can be a very good value overall.

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