Your windows really are your view to the great outdoors and your window treatments are the frame. 

photo of measuring window
Window professionals can ensure proper measuring.

Here is a checklist to consider when searching for the perfect window covering: 

  • Determine the Function: Privacy, energy conservation, UV protection, light filtering control and glare control are all functions of blinds that you should consider before installing them.  
  • Consider the Design: Window coverings can blend in or make a statement, stand alone or layer with other coverings (blinds, curtains, draperies or valances).  Your room decor will influence the texture and weight of the fabric. 
  • Environmental Requirements: Fire rated or anti-microbial
  • Shade Control: Cords, cordless or motorization…child safety is crucial for this consideration: placement of cords can be a hazard for small children.
  • Shade Mount: Ensure functionality around levers and cranks. 
  • Warranties: expiration dates and reparations/replacements costs
  • Swatches: Order samples first – your fabric/color choice might look very different in your room than it does in a catalog.

Do-It-Yourself or Have-It-Done-For-You: Buying online or in-store will likely exclude installation or measuring. Professional dealers include measuring, ordering, and installation with your purchase. To find the right professional, check online ratings, get recommendations from friends and browse websites.

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